US Dollars No Longer Accepted for Payment in Zimbabwe



Prior to this week, you could use US Dollar, South African Rand and Botswana Pula cash to make purchases whilst travelling throughout Zimbabwe. This week the Government of Zimbabwe has suddenly announced that foreign currency can no longer be used to make payments in Zimbabwe. The government has re-introduced a new form of the Zimbabwe Dollar and now only these Zimbabwe Dollars can be used to make payments in Zimbabwe. You can still use a credit/debit card to make payment at merchants with credit card payment facilities, however if you are using cash to pay for goods or services, this cash must now be Zimbabwe Dollars. There may be some exceptions such as airline fees, however we cannot confirm the exceptions at this time. 

Normally we recommend that our customers take US Dollar cash to Zimbabwe, because US Dollar cash was able to be spent directly at shops and restaurants. Our recommendation is still that our customers take US Dollar cash to Zimbabwe, however instead of spending it directly in shops and restaurants, it will now need to be exchanged to the local Zimbabwe Dollar on arrival in Zimbabwe. If you have already purchased US Dollar cash for an upcoming trip to Zimbabwe, rest assured you can plan to exchange those US Dollars on arrival in Zimbabwe. Ensure all US Dollar cash you are taking to Zimbabwe is in good condition, with no marks or tears and issued post-2006 to avoid them being refused. 

Important - Read your incoming passenger card carefully on arrival in Zimbabwe, as we have been informed that you may be required to declare the US Dollar cash you are taking into the country (or any foreign currency for that matter). It is important to follow the rules for declaration, so that you do not have any troubles leaving the country with unused foreign currency.  

For peace of mind before travelling to Zimbabwe, consider exchanging your travel money into US Dollar cash. This currency will still be one of the most widely accepted currencies for exchange into local currency. Visit a bank or bureau de change when you arrive in Zimbabwe, to exchange your US Dollar cash into local currency. Always remember to exchange any unused Zimbabwe Dollars back into US Dollars before you leave the country. 

Pre-plan ample cash, as there is expected to be shortages in supply of the new local currency and this means that it may not be wise to only rely on ATM withdrawals while you are visiting Zimbabwe. It is also a good idea to contact your tour provider and accommodation provider, to check in advance if they accept credit card payments. This will help you work out exactly how much cash you need to plan. 

Please feel welcome to contact our team if you are preparing to travel to Zimbabwe. At Exchange Now Galleria we have stock of new series, mint condition US Dollar cash notes in a range of denomination sizes and we would be happy to help you prepare to access money in Zimbabwe. All future updates will be made available on our website. 

Here is a very interesting news video summarising the governments decision to change the legal tender in Zimbabwe >>>



It is your personal choice as to how you choose to access money in Zimbabwe. This information is a guide only and is not considered to be advice.