Is your Bali flight delayed or cancelled? Get up to date information before changing your money


Bali Volcano Eruption

It’s been quite some time since the last volcanic eruption caused flight delays and cancellations for Bali travellers departing Perth, however after an eruption this week you may find that your flight has been delayed or cancelled. For the most up to date information on whether your flight has been delayed or cancelled, it is best to check in directly with your airline as all airlines have different procedures in place and the conditions can change quickly and without notice. Most of the airlines are offering you the option to postpone your flight within a certain date period, so it is definitely worth checking out the up to date information just in case you are in a position to move your holiday forward with no penalty.

Links to airline updates:

  • Jetstar: click here for Jetstar updates
  • Air Asia: no update page found but click here to chat online with Air Asia
  • Virgin: click here for Virgin flight schedules
  • Perth Airport Flight Schedule: if you are due to pick up a family member or friend, click here to access the arrivals schedule to be up to date with delays

Does my travel insurance cover my flight delay, hotel costs and holiday amendment costs?

It all depends on your insurer as every insurer has different terms and conditions around natural incidence like volcano eruptions. You can contact your insurer directly to seek advice. Exchange Now issue Cover-More Travel Insurance and we are pleased to say that there is very reasonable provision to claim for your out of pocket expenses for trip amendment and cancellation, however it depends on a few factors such as but not limited to, when you purchased your policy. Click here for the latest advice issued by Cover-More and contact Cover-More directly on 1300 72 88 22 if you wish to discuss your situation further.

Have you got flights booked but haven’t exchanged your money?

It may pay to wait until you are sure that your flight is departing and that you do not have to cancel your holiday – BEFORE you exchange your money. We hate to sell ourselves out of business, however it is important to know that if you exchange your money and do not end up going on your holiday, then you will need to exchange it back and you are likely to incur a loss in doing so. In short, you exchange your money at one rate and you cash it back to Australian Dollars at another rate (currency buy and sell). If you are unsure please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to chat to you further. We have Bali currency in stock, so if you would like to make a reservation to pick up your currency last minute, please do let us know as we are conveniently located in East Victoria Park not far from the airport and offer $0 exchange fees for any amounts over $500 Australian Dollars. Contact us on (08) 9456 4436 for any Bali money matters.

We wish you all the best and hope that your holiday goes ahead as planned. Have a safe and wonderful trip!