Exchange money in Perth & never be without access to funds overseas


When you travel abroad, you have a mind-boggling number of options for which card to carry along with you. Obviously, each travel card has its unique set of advantages, and that means deciding which card is best for your particular situation and the type of holiday you are going on. Exchange booths in popular tourist areas such as London, Paris and Rome, usually have some poor commission fees and exchange rates, so if you exchange your money in Perth before you head off, you can award yourself the time to do your research and have a shop around, rather than limiting your options overseas.

Factors That Will Determine the Best Travel Card for You

Destination and Holiday Length. For example, if you wanted to go to Japan for an entire month, you probably will not be carrying enough cash with you for the whole trip. The scariest fee for a long trip is the overseas ATM withdrawal fee you will pay, as the longer you are away the more times you will visit the ATM – and these are flat charges so they can really add up. If you are heading on a long holiday, look for travel cards that charge no ATM withdrawal fee such as the Mastercard Multi-currency Cash Passport Card. Exchanging some money into foreign currency cash in Perth before you go means you also reduce your overseas card fees by having some local currency on hand for the first part of your trip.

Available Funds and Credit Limit. Hopefully, you have been able to save up for your holiday, and your primary concern is access to your funds. In this case, you are able to load your funds onto a prepaid travel debit card and save money on your overseas card usage fees. If you need to access a credit limit, then a credit card is the only available option – but remember, no credit card is created equal. You will find a big difference in overseas fees depending on the credit card you wish to take, so always check in with your bank to clarify how much you will be charged. Click here for a guide to overseas credit card fees before you speak with your bank. Credit card or not, it is still handy to exchange some money in Perth before you depart, so you aren’t completing costly cash advances at overseas ATM’s for some pocket cash.

Travel Card Benefits. Each card has its own benefits, but we are a major fan of the Mastercard Multi-currency Cash Passport card for a few reasons. Most importantly, it doesn’t charge you any ATM withdrawal fees and there are very limited cards available that offer the same saving. Read more about the benefits of a Cash Passport here.

The Smart Way to Travel

When you go on holiday, time and money are always of importance. Doing your research in advance is an excellent way to save on both of those precious resources. Of course, If you can exchange money in Perth before you begin your traveling, you can be rest assured that you took the time to find a competitve deal and you won’t have to begin your search for money when you step off the plane at your holiday destination. For travel card information and tips, log on to and ensure your travel money goes further.