Changes to Kenyan Shilling 1000 Notes



Are you planning to travel to Kenya after the 30th September 2019? If you have already exchanged your travel money, it is likely that you have received some 1,000 Kenyan Shilling notes. Some changes are going to be made to the 1,000 Kenyan Shilling notes in the coming months so we have prepared the below information and guide so that you can ensure your travel money is still suitable for your trip.  

Very recently, the Central Bank of Kenya Governor announced the unveiling of the New Generation Banknotes (new version of notes). The Central Bank confirmed that the new notes will circulate alongside the older notes, with the exception of the 1,000 Shilling notes. The Central Bank has confirmed that the old generation one-thousand shilling banknotes will cease to be legal tender in Kenya as of 1st of October 2019. In his announcement, the Governor stated that they are withdrawing the older 1,000 notes because they "are being used for illicit financial flows in Kenya and also other countries in the region. More recently we have seen the emergence of some counterfeits."

If you are travelling to Kenya on or before 30th September 2019, the 1,000 Shilling notes are still legal tender up until this date and can be spent in Kenya as normal. If you are travelling to Kenya from the 1st October onward, the older generation 1,000 Shilling notes will need to be exchanged to the new generation notes before spending them. We cannot guarantee how easy it will be to exchange older 1,000's to new generation notes when you are in Kenya, although it has been widely published that "amounts of one million shillings or less can be exchanged at commercial banks, or at the counters of the Central Bank of Kenya and it’s branches."


Older Generation Note Valid until 30th September 2019




We recommend that you check your travel dates and the currency notes that you have on hand, so that you can be well prepared should you be visiting Kenya after the 30th September 2019. 

We cannot provide any guidance or recommendations as to the worth of the older 1,000 notes after 30th September 2019, this is at the discretion of the Central Bank of Kenya and rules can change. The Central Bank of Kenya is a handy sources of reputable information regarding this changeover should you wish to explore further. If you purchase Kenyan Shillings at Exchange Now during the months of August and September 2019, we will ALWAYS check your travel dates to help you prepare properly in advance of your trip. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. 

Here is a sneak peak at the new generation Kenyan Shilling notes:





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