Buy Thai Baht Online and Avoid Huge ATM Fees


It’s a common question we are asked by our customers heading over to Thailand for a holiday – do I buy Thai Baht online or in-store before I go or can I use my credit/debit card when I get there?

Yes, you can use your credit/debit card to withdraw money when you are in Thailand – however recently Thai banks have introduced an exorbitant fee of around 180 Baht ($8 Australian Dollars) for all foreign cards used in their ATM’s. This means that you will pay this fee, plus your own banks ATM withdrawal fee – and then on top you will pay your own banks currency conversion fee (on average 3%). So it’s safe to say that if you have an Australian bank issued card, that withdrawing money from ATM’s in Thailand is an expensive exercise.

There are a few ways to minimise the need to use an ATM in Thailand:

  1. Buy Thai Baht online or in-store before you depart Perth. Having cash on hand when you arrive means that you don’t have to find an ATM straight away. The amount of cash you choose to exchange will depend on your personal level of comfort in carrying cash.
  2. Instead of using an ATM, use your credit/debit card over the counter in shops or restaurants. Whilst you will still pay your own bank fees, you will not pay the Thai Bank ATM withdrawal fee on top of that.
  3. If you are uncomfortable carrying cash, consider a travel card loaded with Thai currency. The Mastercard Multi-currency Cash Passport card when loaded with Thai currency and used in Thailand, charges no ATM withdrawal fees and no currency conversion fees – a big saving when compared to your bank. You are then only left to pay the Thai Bank ATM withdrawal fee.

Exchange Now are travel money specialists and can help you to save money on your holiday in Thailand. Contact us to:

  • Chat further about setting up a travel card
  • Reserve some Thai Baht cash to exchange in-store
  • Buy Thai Baht online
  • Save money on your exchange with no commission fees payable to us if your exchange exceeds $500 Australian Dollars