Buy Bali money from a safe Perth currency exchange


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You may have heard some horror stories about unsuspecting travellers being short changed at a less than trustworthy Bali money exchange kiosk, and that’s one of the main reasons why it can be a safer option to buy Bali Money in Perth before you head off on holiday. Some travellers wait until they arrive to buy their currency believing they will get a better deal, this can often be true but is not always the case.

Be cautious of seemingly better exchange rates, as if the rate is too good to be true – it probably is. We’ve heard of some crafty ways in which travellers walk out of Bali money exchange kiosks with less money than they should have, for example a few notes slipped behind the counter or receiving a 10,000 Rupiah note in place of a 100,000 Rupiah note. Play it safe and buy foreign currency in Perth.

You’ve probably been told in the past that it’s too expensive to buy your Bali money in Perth. This all depends on where you choose to exchange your money and choosing your money exchange provider wisely can save you money on fees and charges. The bank is normally the go-to place to buy Bali money in Perth, however there are very few banks that still offer Indonesian Rupiah in cash. For those banks that do, you’ll generally pay a minimum of $8 in fees and have to pre-order your cash before you pick it up as less banks are now holding foreign currency cash in stock.

Then comes the big shopping centre exchange kiosks, generally offering a less than impressive exchange rate. The absolute last resort is the Airport when you fly out, as again you’ll risk receiving a very low rate of exchange. You can pre-organise your cash online through Exchange Now and we guarantee that our rate is highly competitive with no exchange fee on any value. We also stock Indonesian cash currency at our Galleria store if you prefer to come in and exchange over-the-counter. 

Exchange Now offer very competitive exchange rates for Indonesian Rupiah in Perth, making the rate very close to what's available in Bali - risk free as you are dealing with an honest and experienced team. To give you an example, if you received an exchange rate of 9,850 in Perth and had been told the exchange rate was 10,100 in Bali at that time. If you purchased 5,000,000 Rupiah at the Perth rate, it would cost you $507.61, compared to the Bali rate having costed $495.05 for the same amount. Would you pay $12.56 extra for safety and security when changing your money? You can also then hit the ground running and not waste any holiday time searching around for a safe money exchange in Bali. 

If you’re heading to Bali on an Australian passport for leisure travel, you no longer have to pay your US Dollars at the airport – it’s fee-free to enter Bali!

If you want to deal with a safe and competitive money exchange in Perth provider the next time you are going on holiday to Bali, log on Exchange Now system to buy your Bali money in advance. Our travel money specialists can help save you time and stretch your dollars, so that you can spend your time and money enjoying your holiday, rather than worrying about finding a safe place to exchange in Bali.