Overseas Credit Card Fees Explained

If you’re planning to take your credit or debit card with you on your holiday, it’s worth talking to your bank to make sure you are fully aware of the fees you will be charged to make purchases and withdraw money from an ATM overseas.

 We’ve put together the most common card fees as a guide to checking out what you’ll be charged.

International ATM withdrawal fee

This fee is charged per withdrawal you make from an overseas ATM and is usually a flat fee of between $5 and $10, depending on the account you hold and with which bank. If you are withdrawing money from a credit card, then you will also be charged a cash advance fee on top of your ATM withdrawal fee.

Cash advance fee

When you withdraw cash from your credit limit, you transaction is treated as a cash advance. You will be charged a fee that is usually a percentage of the value (normally between 2 and 5%) that you have taken out, plus you will pay the applicable cash advance interest rate from the moment you take out your money (no interest free period) – and this can be upward of 20%. To avoid cash advance fees, you can make a purchase over the counter in-store rather than taking the cash out from an ATM.

Currency conversion fee

This fee is usually charged regardless of whether you are withdrawing money from an ATM or making a purchase on your card, and is a percentage of the value of your transaction. Currency conversion fees can be up to 6% and are charged on top of the flat ATM withdrawal fee when you are withdrawing money from the ATM.

Exchange rates

When using a card overseas, you receive the applicable Mastercard or Visa exchange rate at the time you are making the transaction and less any applicable fees. Whilst these rates are not too scary, you are unable to know the exact price you are paying in Australian Dollars as the rates are constantly changing throughout your holiday.

Avoid exchange rate fluctuations and pay no currency conversion fees

Travel cards are increasingly popular due to the fact that they can be loaded in foreign currency before you leave for your holiday. Not only does this lock in the exchange rate, if you pick the right travel card it means that you pay no purchase fees when you arrive at your destination. There are now 11 currencies available on the Mastercard Platinum Multi-currency Cash Passport Card, saving you money on fees overseas. Read more about the Cash Passport


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