International Money Transfers

Don’t pay unnecessary bank fees and charges when you need to pay a bill overseas or transfer money to loved ones.

Why not just use my own bank? 

When you send money overseas through your bank, you are likely to pay a fees and receive a pretty unfavorable exchange rate. When you transfer your funds into an overseas bank account, not only are you paying a fee to send the money (on average approximately $22), you can also end up paying a fee to the recipients bank (depending on the overseas bank charges). The fee that is charged by the bank that is receiving the money often comes out of the amount that you have transferred, leaving you at risk of paying too little to the receiver. If this all sounds like an expensive headache, don't worry - because there are other easy alternatives. Exchange Now recommends that you speak with TORFX for all money transfers in and out of Australia. TorFX are a leading international money transfer specialist who assist individuals and businesses with their international bank transfer requirements, providing a significant saving against the major banks.

TorFX can help you with a range of bank transfers

  • Moving a lump sum / savings to Australia

  • Transferring the proceeds of a house sale
  • Paying an overseas invoice that is in foreign currency
  • Receiving an inheritance or estate
  • Sending money to a family member
  • Sending money back to your home country
  • Receiving foreign currency from overseas for business
  • Paying for a destination wedding


How does TorFX work? 

Registering and transferring with TorFX couldn’t be simpler, and their Account Managers are always on hand to help. Once you've set up your online TorFX account, you can log in and view exchange rates at any time - meaning that you always have access to make a transfer when you need to. 

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Get a Free Quote from TorFX 

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