Guided tours

Taking a guided tour on a bus through Europe or a safari through Africa?

There are a few extra things to consider to make sure you have no hiccups with money along the way.

Do you need to pay money into the tour kitty when you arrive?

Many guided tours (especially through Africa) will require you to pay foreign currency cash into the tour kitty on your arrival. The currency and amount can differ according to the destination and the tour company, so contact your tour provider and ask if this is something that you will need to do. Many travellers get caught out having not read the fine print – and end up having to fork out the cash they had exchanged for spending money or race to ATM to make up the bill. If you are required to pay into a kitty, pre-organising this cash can save you time and money when you arrive.

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Will you need to provide a tip to your guide at the end of the tour or along the journey?

At the end of many tours, it is expected that the tour participants will give a tip to the tour guide. This is generally worked out on a cost per day; for example on a Contiki tour this might be an average of 5 Euro per day. If you plan to provide a tip to your tour guide, pre-organising this can save a costly withdrawal from the first ATM you see at the end of your tour.

Don’t rely solely on ATM’s

Many tours blitz through major tourist areas, so ATM access is generally not a problem. However if you have no local currency on hand, the first thing you have to do at every stop is find an ATM. If you’re accommodation isn’t within walking distance of an ATM, then you’ll find yourself spending a good part of your time simply trying to locate some local currency. Pre-organising a small amount of cash for each stop you are making can mean you’re back in action as soon as you hop off the bus.

Tours throughout multiple countries

This can be a baffling travel money situation when you are joining a tour that travels through multiple countries. Having a mixture of cash and card can be a time and money saver, and the card you choose to take can make all the difference to your back pocket. Cards with high ATM withdrawal fees are the worst choice, as some of the destinations you spend little time in and don’t want to pay the maximum fee to withdraw a small amount of currency for a few souvenirs. Travel cards are an excellent choice as you can load multiple currencies on one card, meaning you squash out most of your currency conversion fees when you use the card overseas. The Mastercard Multi-currency Cash Passport card also charges no ATM withdrawal fees, meaning you can take a little cash and not be whacked by the bank. Read more about the Cash Passport here.

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