European Countries Currency Guide

Did you know, not every European country uses the Euro currency?

Countries currently using the Euro currency

The below list of European countries currently use the Euro currency. Consider Euro cash for your time spent at these destinations:

Austria Latvia
Belgium Lithuania
Cyprus Luxembourg
Estonia Malta
Finland the Netherlands
France Portugal
Germany Slovakia
Greece Slovenia
Ireland (South) Spain

Countries currently using their own official currency

Here we've listed the most popular countries our customers visit that do not use the Euro currency:

Croatia Scotland
Czech Republic Sweden
Denmark Switzerland
England Turkey
Hungary Wales
Northern Ireland  

Cash for countries that use the Euro currency

If you are visiting any of the above countries that use the Euro currency, it's pretty easy to plan for your cash needs. Exchange Now have Euro cash available year round and can help you prepare to hit the ground running. 

  • Receive a highly competitive exchange rate - see current Euro rates
  • Notes in a range of denominations for maximum convenience in Europe - 5/10/20/50/100 (larger notes are available on request)
  • Expert recommendations from an experienced team
  • Sell back unused Euro cash notes to Exchange Now
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Cash for countries that do not use the Euro

Why not just buy Euro's anyway and convert them when you get to one of these countries? Because you are putting yourself through a double conversion and may end up paying a premium for your money. You can avoid costly re-conversions by getting the right currency upfront, as Exchange Now has access to more than 10 minor European cash currencies. There are some currencies you cannot obtain before you depart and in this case you can choose to purchase Euro and re-convert those notes on arrival. 

Country Currency

Cash Available at Exchange Now

Croatia Kuna Yes
Czech Republic Koruna Yes
Denmark Danish Krone Yes
England UK Pound Yes
Hungary Forint Yes
Iceland Krona No
Norway Krone Yes
Northern Ireland UK Pound Yes
Poland Zloty Yes
Russia Ruble No
Scotland UK Pound Yes
Sweden Krona Yes
Switzerland Franc Yes
Turkey Lira Yes

Carrying local currency in cash in Europe

It is our general rule of thumb for any destination, to recommend that you carry multiple sources of funds on your travels. The most convenient way to access money overseas is to carry a combination of currency in cash in addition to a debit or credit card. The reason we recommend carrying cash for each of your destinations is because having local currency on hand can:

  • prevent you from having to use your holiday time locating a competitive currency exchange kiosk overseas
  • be handy for small purchases such as something to eat or drink
  • give you an alternative method of payment in the event your card is not accepted or you are charged a fee to use your card
  • give you a back up form of payment if your card is lost, stolen or even blocked by your bank
  • make it easy to split the bill when travelling with friends
  • save you paying unnecessary ATM withdrawal fees throughout your trip

Organising cash before you depart means you have the luxury of doing some research and finding a great exchange rate. 

See Cash Exchange Rates

Travel Cards for Europe

If you are travelling to multiple countries in Europe, the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard is a prepaid travel debit card that can hold up to 11 currencies. You can make fee-free purchases in every country visited and also incur no additional currency conversion fees. This card is not linked to your bank account and comes with an easy to manage online account. 

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Why use Exchange Now?

Have peace of mind that we are a team of highly experience currency specialists, trained to help you ensure your travel money goes further. Our cash exchange services are some of the best in Perth:

  • Receive highly competitive exchange rates
  • Order online 24/7 and lock in your rate
  • More than 10 minor European currencies on hand throughout peak months
  • Notes in a range of denominations
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