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Northern Ireland

Buy currency for Northern Ireland at Exchange Now:

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  • Top tips for exchanging leftover Irish issued GBP on your travels

Currency for Northern Ireland

As soon as you cross the border from the south into Northern Ireland, your Euro currency is no longer useful. The official currency in Northern Ireland is the British Pound, so it is handy to have some Pounds in cash to see you through your journey. Exchange Now stock British Pounds (the same you need in England) in-store, so they are very easy to exchange before you depart.

Having local currency on hand in Northern Ireland can:

  • be handy for small purchases such as something to eat or drink
  • give you an alternative method of payment in the event you are unable to pay with a card or you are charged an additional fee to pay with a card

ATM and EFTPOS Access 

ATM access is widespread in Northern Ireland, with most ATM’s operating 24 hours a day and most are suitable for international debit or credit card use. You will also have no problems paying by card in most shopping centres, restaurants and hotels. As you will be going through a currency conversion for every transaction, remember to check in with your bank to make sure you are fully aware of the fees you will be charged to make purchases or to withdraw money in Northern Ireland. Click here to see common credit/debit card fees and charges before you speak with your bank.

English Pounds versus Irish Pounds 

You’ll notice when you get change or withdraw from an ATM in Northern Ireland, the Pounds you receive will look different to the English Pounds you took along with you. Don’t be concerned, they are worth exactly the same amount of money – they are just issued by an Irish Bank. Try to get rid of unspent Irish issued Pounds before you leave as you can have some troubles trying to use these back in England if that’s one of your next stops. You can exchange leftover Irish Pounds at Exchange Now, so if you prefer to put them in your travel wallet and deal with them when you return home – you can.

Buy English Pounds online now for pick up in Perth before you depart:

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  • Notes in a range of denominations
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Country Northern Ireland
Capital City Belfast
Official Currency United Kingdom Pound
Smallest Note 5 Pounds
Largest Note 50 Pounds
Cash Available to Purchase Yes