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Japanese Yen cash

The official currency of Japan is the Japanese Yen. Cash is a travel essential in Japan and can save you time and money on many occasions. Many of our customers are surprised to hear that not all ATM's in Japan are designed to accept international cards, so it's one destination where it pays to plan your cash stash in advance. Having local currency on hand can:

  • give you a back-up source of funds in the event there is not a suitable ATM nearby
  • help you avoid paying hefty ATM withdrawal fees
  • be handy for small purchases such as something to eat or drink
  • give you an alternative method of payment in the event you are unable to pay over the counter with a card or you are charged an additional fee to pay with a card
  • save you from having to pay high commission fees to exchange money in popular tourist areas when you arrive in Japan.

Top tip

Remember that we can buy back unused Japanese Yen notes but Japanese Yen coins are unable to be exchanged on your return. Japanese Yen coins are worth up to $7 Australian Dollars each, so getting stuck with a pocket full of these can sting a little. 

! Important: ATM access

Not all ATM’s in Japan are designed to accept international credit and debit cards, regardless of the issuer or whether they are Mastercard or Visa. Traveller’s often find themselves in a spot of bother and unable to withdraw their money, especially in locations outside of major cities. Consider exchanging cash before you go just in case there is not a suitable ATM nearby when you arrive at your destination. If you must use an ATM in Japan, the best ATM’s to look out for are called Japan Post Bank and Seven Bank, commonly found in post office’s and Seven Eleven stores. If you are travelling to a ski resort town such as Niseko or Hakuba, you are likely to have extremely limited access to an ATM and it is worth considering cash for this part of your holiday. If you are looking to exchange Japanese Yen cash in Perth, not all exchange providers are created equal. Exchange Now offer highly competitive exchange rates for all Japanese Yen cash exchanges.

How much cash do i need?

Most travellers aren’t keen on the idea of taking all of their travel money in cash, which is understandable as lost cash cannot be recovered. Although ATM access is more limited in Japan than other holiday destinations, you can still take some of your funds with you on a secure debit card. Before you decide on how much cash vs card, it is important to check for ATM availability in the place you are spending most of your time. If you’re staying in Tokyo, then you are likely to be near a suitable ATM along your travels. If you’re staying in Niseko, then you might want to arrange a back up plan in the event you cannot withdraw your money. Contact your accommodation provider and ask for information on ATM availability at the hotel or within the area. Travel cards provide emergency support and assistance to travellers who are unable to access their money, read more about the services available.

Using your credit or debit card in Japan

If you are taking a card to Japan to access money, it is important to make sure that your card is suitable for use overseas. Japan Post Bank ATM’s will generally accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Cirrus and Maestro – look on the front and back of your card and make sure that there is one of these logos on it. Remember to check in with your bank to make sure you are fully aware of the fees you will be charged to make purchases or to withdraw money from an ATM in Japan. Click here to see common credit/debit card fees and charges before you speak with your bank.

How to prepare before you depart

So are you looking to exchange Japanese Yen in Perth? We are based upstairs at the Galleria Shopping Centre in Morley with one of the best Yen exchange rates in Perth. Save on bank fees and buy Japanese Yen online now.


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Country Japan
Capital City Tokyo
Official Currency Japanese Yen
Smallest Note 1,000 Yen
Largest Note 10,000 Yen
Cash Available to Purchase Yes