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Indonesian Rupiah cash

The official currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah. Given that your Australian Dollar is worth around 9-10,000 times more than the Rupiah - you'll find you end up a millionaire very quickly. Outside of hotels, department stores and upscale restaurants, the streets of Bali are very much a cash economy. Cash in Bali is a travel essential and having local currency on hand before you depart can:

  • get you through the endless market shopping
  • pay for a taxi from the airport to your hotel
  • be handy for small purchases such as something to eat or drink
  • give you an alternative method of payment in the event you are unable to pay with a card or you are charged an additional fee to pay with a card
  • save you from the hassle of finding a trustworthy and reliable money exchange kiosk

! Important: if you are planning to exchange money when you arrive in Bali, always look out for an authorised money exchange kiosk. Unauthorised kiosks are quite common here and you are at risk of losing money if you choose to exchange with them. If the rate is too good to be true, it probably is - always count your money last before walking away from the counter.

ATM access

ATM access is widespread in popular tourist areas in Bali, with most ATM's operating 24 hours a day and suitable for international debit or credit card use. You can generally find an ATM in every 7/11 convenience store and these are absolutely everywhere in popular tourist areas. If you are staying in a remote area, you can search here for a guide* to ATM’s available in your location.


Using your credit or debit card

International cards are welcome at most ATM's, hotels and larger department stores in Bali. You'll have no problems settling your hotel bill or shopping up a storm at the Beach Walk or Discovery Mall - it's the markets where your card will be rendered useless. Remember to check in with your bank to make sure you are fully aware of the fees you will be charged to make purchases or to withdraw money from an ATM in Bali. Click here to see common credit/debit card fees and charges before you speak with your bank. If you are planning to take your debit card with you, it is also important to make sure that your card will work overseas. Look on the front and back of your card and make sure that there is a Visa, Mastercard or American Express symbol on the card. If there are none of these symbols, there may be a Maestro or Cirrus logo - these cards will only work at ATM's that display the Cirrus or Maestro logo. Always prepare for the event that your card is lost, stolen or skimmed by having an emergency contact number readily available. What options are available to you if you are unable to use your card when you are in Bali? You can avoid the disaster of having no access to cash by considering a travel card that gives you a free back-up card in the case of an emergency. The Mastercard Multi-Currency Cash Passport Card can give you an account that is not linked to your personal bank accounts, plus access to 24/7 phone support and emergency cash in as little as 20 minutes.


Paying your Bali Visa on Arrival in US Dollars

In April 2015, a wide range of passport holders were added to the visa-free list for arrival in Denpasar (Bali) - this includes New Zealand and UK to name a couple. Finally on the 20th March 2016, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo officially signed the President’s Regulation (Perpres) No. 21 Year 2016 on Visitor Visa Exemption. In the Regulation, Australia is now added into the list of countries whose citizens could visit Indonesia without paying for visa. So if you are travelling on an Australian Passport, you are no longer required to pay your US Dollars on arrival - you can enter FREE of charge! Not travelling on an Australian Passport? You may be exempt from paying for your visa, check with your local consulate. Business travellers and those staying longer than 30 days in Bali have different requirements, so if you fall into either of those categories we recommend you speak with your local consulate. 


What to pay when you leave Bali

Requirements for the Bali departure tax have changed. Previously on departure from Bali, you were required to pay 200,000 Indonesian Rupiah per person before you could enter the departure lounge. You are no longer required to pay this fee as it is included in your airfare. In January 2018, this fee was increased to 225,000 Indonesian Rupiah but is still conveniently included in your airfare. 


IMPORTANT: Always change your money safely

Changing your money before you leave for Bali not only means that you have local currency on hand when you arrive for maximum convenience, it means that you can be confident that you have dealt with an authorised Perth money exchange. Be wary of rates that are too good to be true in Bali and always look for money changers who are authorised. Remember to calculate your exchange rate yourself and always count your money before you walk away from the counter. Contact us for safe money exchange and to buy Rupiah in Perth.

Country Indonesia
Capital City Jakarta
Official Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Smallest Note 1,000 Rupiah
Largest Note 100,000 Rupiah
Cash Available to Purchase Yes