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  • We stock a range of Japanese Yen notes including 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 – subject to daily availability
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Do I have to pay Australian Dollar cash to purchase Japanese Yen? 

If you are exchanging in-store, you can choose to pay cash for your Japanese Yen exchange or you are welcome to pay with EFTPOS. There is no surcharge to select a cheque or savings account, although consider EFTPOS maximum daily withdrawal limits set by your bank. You may use a credit card to purchase currency although your bank will treat your transaction as a cash advance and there is a 1.5% fee charged by Exchange Now. For larger exchanges, ordering online gives you the option to pay via bank transfer so that you do not need to arrange the cash or worry about card limits. 

I’ve been told that not all ATM's in Japan will accept my card, is this true?  

This is true. Many ATM's in Japan are designed for domestic use only and you may find that your card is not accepted. This is the main reason why many of our customers choose to take more cash to Japan, where they might be travelling to ski resorts or outside of major cities. If you need to use the ATM in Japan, look our for the ATM's inside 7/11 stores and also the post office - you should have no issue using an international card in these branded machines. Check what fee you are paying before you withdraw. 

If I order online, do I have to collect my currency straight away?

We give you up to three weeks from the date of your order, to collect your currency in-store. Simply select your preferred collection date and we’ll ensure your currency is prepared for collection on that day.

I have questions about Japanese Yen, is there someone I can speak to?  

Our team are always available to assist you with your travel money. We are highly experienced and trained on all aspects of foreign currency exchange and can help you save time and money overseas by preparing you before your departure. Please call us on 9375 3079 or email us at

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*Card payment surcharges apply to certain transactions online and in-store. Exchange Now have free payment options available to you, please click here to read all applicable card payment surcharges.