What to bring

when you exchange in-store or collect your online order

Thanks for considering Exchange Now for your travel money. We know how frustrating it can be when you arrive to any store to tick a job off the list, only to be turned away because you didn't have the right paperwork, ID - or you just weren't aware of a hidden obstacle that you could of organised before you went in. For that very reason, we have created the below guide to give you some top tips on what to prepare before you plan to complete your money exchange. Please always feel welcome to contact us if you need more specific information about your exchange, as we'd like to make the process as convenient as possible for you. 

Online Orders

If you have placed an online order for currency, your order confirmation will contain important information about what you need to bring with you to successfully pick up your order in-store. Make sure you have the:

  • Original Identification that you used to place your order (we do not accept photocopies)
  • Card you used to pay for the order (only where you have used a card, not applicable to bank transfers)

We cannot give your order to any third party, including immediate family - so please always choose a collection date that suits you. You are welcome to contact us if you need to change your collection date. 

Currency Cash Exchange In-Store

If you are visiting us in-store to complete your currency exchange on-the-spot, there are a few things to consider to make your visit as smooth as possible for you. 

How much are you exchanging? 

Working out how much you wish to exchange will help you choose what payment method is best for you. Exchange Now accept Australian Dollar cash, EFTPOS and credit cards - however fees do apply when you use a credit account to buy currency.If you plan to use your cheque or savings account, our top tip is that you check in with your bank first as many banks impose maximum daily withdrawal limits on those accounts. If you get stuck with daily limits, you can order online with Exchange Now and pay by Bank Transfer as these limits are generally much higher. Alternatively, you can contact your bank to increase your daily limit or visit the bank to withdraw cash over the counter before visiting Exchange Now. 

What currency are you looking to buy? 

We carry a large range of currencies in-store, however some more minor currencies are available by pre-order only. If you want to avoid two visits to the store when exchanging a more minor currency (for example, Mauritian Rupees), you can order any currency online and nominate your preferred collection date. We will have your order prepared by the time you visit us to collect it, regardless of whether it is a minor currency or not. If you're not too handy online, we are more than happy to hear from you over the phone or via email - as we will create a reservation for you and have your currency set aside for the day you wish to come in. Check out our online destination currency guides for an indication as to whether we are holding the currency you need in-stock. 

Identification requirements

Please be aware that you may be asked for valid identification when you exchange money in-store. It is best to bring your identification with you to avoid any issues with completing your exchange. Exchange Now can accept the below original forms of identification (no photocopies or phone screenshots can be accepted):

  • Australian Driver's License
  • Australian Passport
  • Foreign Passport
  • Australian Proof of Age Card

Identification must be valid and not expired, an original and not a copy and a form of identification accepted by Exchange Now. 

What is your preferred payment method?

At Exchange Now, we accept a wide variety of payment methods for maximum convenience when you exchange your currency in-store or order your currency online. We do have free payment methods available to you, however some payment methods do attract a surcharge. We've published our payment method fees and charges online to allow you to prepare in advance and avoid fees. Click Here to view the full list of payment methods and associated fees. 

Selling foreign currency cash back to Exchange Now

We also buy back foreign currency cash and it does not matter if you bought that cash from us originally or not. Providing the currency you have is a currency that we trade in at Exchange Now, we can buy that cash currency back at our published retail buy exchange rate of the day with no additional service fees charged. We do not publish our buy exchange rates online, as these types of transactions can only be done in store. Please contact us at any time for a current exchange rate should you wish to exchange foreign currency to Australian Dollars - or feel welcome to come straight in with peace of mind that we offer highly competitive prices and no exchange fees. If you are exchanging a large value, you are welcome to contact us to check if we have the required amount of Australian Dollar cash in stock. We can only accept current, undamaged foreign currency notes and cannot give you any value for foreign currency coins.