We have closed our doors as of 18.03.2020


It is with a heavy heart that we inform our beautiful customers that Exchange Now closed it's doors at 5pm on Wednesday 18th March 2020. We will unfortunately not re-open and this marks the end of our amazing 6 year journey providing foreign exchange services to more than 50,000 customers. We are so sorry if our closure causes you any inconvenience with your immediate foreign exchange needs, it breaks our heart to think that we may disappoint you.

We did not take this decision lightly and in fact it's heartbreaking. Unfortunately our primary product is travel foreign currency which means that we are in the direct line of fire with the current COVID-19 situation and we have no source of business for the foreseeable future. Without an end date to this situation, we cannot continue to operate without the risk of badly affecting our dear customers, staff, suppliers and stakeholders - and we would not be acting in line with our core company values if we risked the livelihood of others during this time. We are truly saddened as if it were not for this virus outbreak, we would have enjoyed many more years of great fun and success in the foreign exchange industry.

We have officially touched base with all customers with existing pre-orders and safely handed those orders to every customer. 

We really wanted to let you, our customers know, just how much joy you have brought us all over the past 6 years. If it weren't for you putting your trust in us, we never would have had the opportunity to have the time of our lives. Many of you are like family to us, there are too many names to mention but thank you so much to everybody.

We are so very grateful for your loyalty, your friendship, your business, your smiles, your encouragement and your insane generousity in referring your friends and family to Exchange Now at every opportunity. You made our dream possible and we are forever grateful for that.

Whilst this outcome is truly devastating, we walk away with our heads held high and we could not be more proud to have built such a successful foreign exchange business. We are so proud to have upheld our core values without flaw, for our entire time in business - regardless of how much or how quickly we grew. Our customers were truly always our first priority and it was so special to work that way. We loved nothing more than being able to give you our best rates, our friendliest help, our most energetic service and to genuinely help you make the most of your awesome travels. Hearing about your travel adventures and plans was one of the best parts of our day.

THANK YOU!!!! Wishing everyone good health over the coming months and we are truly sorry to hear of the impact this situation has had on our customers travel plans.

Should you have purchased a travel card or travel insurance policy from us, please do not be concerned, these are third party products for which we were only an agent so there are absolutely no impacts on those products as a result of our closure.


We also stand by to assist for any travel product queries if you have purchased a travel product from us and it is faulty. Please contact the brand directly for warranty claims and if you have any troubles, just email us at cassy@exchangenow.com.au and we'll be glad to assist. We would never leave you without help so if you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed in the information on our website, please contact us at cassy@exchangenow.com.au

All our love --- Cassy, Andrea, Natasha and Kate

The Team at Exchange Now Galleria