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Why choose Exchange Now?

60+ currencies in cash

Our expert team can help you plan how to access money at any destination! We are pleased to have access to more than 60 foreign currencies in cash in a range of denominations. In addition to cash currency, we have access to issue travel cards to help you save on overseas card fees. We are your one-stop-shop to ensure your travel money goes further. 

No Additional Transaction Fees

We pride ourselves on offering our best prices upfront to ensure your travel money goes further. Not only do we have some of the best exchange rates in Perth, you will never pay an additional service fee to exchange foreign currency cash at Exchange Now. The rates we publish are what you receive in your hand. Card handling fees may apply to certain transactions, click here for a quick reference guide. 

Highly experienced team

When you visit Exchange Now, you will be served only by a trained and highly experienced Travel Money Specialist. Have peace of mind that we are experts in our field and you will receive up to date information for accessing money at your destination, the right currency notes and recommendation for note sizes, expert tips to save money overseas and most importantly, excellent customer service.

About Us

Did you know, not every European country uses the Euro? 

The Euro is currently the official currency of 19 EU Member Countries, however there are still many popular European destinations that use their own local currencies. Why not just buy Euro's anyway and convert them when you get to one of these countries? Because you are putting yourself through a double conversion and may end up paying a premium for your money. Avoid costly re-conversions by getting the right currency upfront.

European Currency Guide

60+ currencies available in cash

We have access to a wide range of international currencies in cash that you can exchange with no order minimums or maximums. Having local cash on hand can save you from paying excessive overseas ATM withdrawal fees and of course give you an alternative method of payment in the event your card is not accepted.

View our range of currencies online and feel welcome to contact us if your currency does not appear, as our experienced team will be able to recommend a suitable alternative currency for you. 

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A full solution for your travel money

When you visit Exchange Now, you can expect to receive highly competitive exchange rates when you exchange foreign currency cash. We offer our best rates upfront and have transparent pricing, so you will receive our published rate in your hand with no further service fee applied. You can also expect to have access to an expert who can show you how to make your travel money go further with a range of leading foreign exchange and security products. Some card payments attract surcharges, click here to see our free payment options. 

Did you know that your US Dollar cash must be issued after 2006 and be in mint condition to spend it with ease in Africa? Or that if your credit or debit card does not have a chip in it, it is very unlikely to work in the UK? Changes happen every day with currency and payment cards. It’s our number one priority to stay up to date with foreign exchange so that we can communicate with you to save you money both overseas and on your return. 

Travel Money Checklist

Order with Exchange Now in 3 easy steps

1. Select your currency

Choose from over 60 currencies in cash in a range of note sizes. Nominate your preferred exchange value; there is no minimum exchange. 

2. Choose your pick-up date

Lock in your rates online today, pay no service fee on your transaction and choose a collection date up to two weeks in advance. Card payment fees apply to certain transactions, select bank transfer for a free payment option. 

3. Collect in-store

Visit us in-store to collect your currency order on your nominated collection date. Our team will ensure your collection is quick and easy.

What our customers say

I went into Morley to exchange some money at Exchange now and was very happy with the exchange rate I got but mostly from the advise I got from the girl that worked there regarding how much I would need for my stop over. I told my friend about it and he also asked if I could change some money for him as he lives out of town. She was a pleasure to deal with again and to my surprise she remembered me. I would not hesitate to use and recommend them again.


Very friendly and helpful, used them several times now, they have the best rates and will keep on coming back


There are so many ways to  organise your currency for your getaway, but believe me Exchange Now have everything covered, from the best rates ,to up to speed and current advice on your destination.Top quality, professional service one massive thumbs up. Thanks for making everything so easy. Wayne .


They were very prompt in responding to my emails and were able to help with my specific requests easily. Even on pick up Andrea was very helpful and professional. I will be using Exchangenow in the future and I highly recommend them to everyone


Andrea from exchange now is a valuable asset to the company from the moment I came in was professional even when I said I think about it was understanding and when I came back went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the exchange I will definetly come back!


Cassy and the Exchange Now team have looked after us for our currency and travel insurance on a number of occasions and we wouldn't go anywhere else! Cassy really knows her stuff and saved us a fortune in costs compared to banks etc. Thanks again guys. You rock!!


It really starts from the moment you step into the shop, the girls are so helpful. Great advice, awesome rates, no fees… Thank you girls never met a nicer, friendlier or helpful group. Always use them you won't regret it. 


Great service and rates


Andrea was very friendly & helpful!


My first time at exchange now, and it will definitely not be my last. Service and professionalism was second to none. Definitely 6 stars.


Cass and the Exchange Now team are so helpful and have great advice with products. Thanks for the Euro's and backpack for our holiday to Europe!


Many thanks to Cassy at Exchange Now for all her help, advice and support. Her preparedness to come and speak to tour participants and parents, simple ordering system, product delivery and professional support were second to none. I definitely recommend exchange now and will be using their services again when I next travel. 


Premium service and some of the best exchange rates in Perth

Exchange Now is Perth’s leading currency exchange service. If you’re planning a trip overseas for work or leisure, we’ll take the stress out of accessing your funds so you can enjoy your time away. We provide a comprehensive service that includes easy access to travel cards and foreign currency cash with some of the best currency exchange rates in Perth.

We can assist you with all your travel currency needs, including foreign currency cash, travel cards and travel insurance from Bali to Brazil. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or going abroad for the first time, our experienced team will provide you with expert advice to make sure your travel money goes further.

Our competitive rates, ongoing customer support and experienced team are what make us the best money exchange provider in Perth. Contact a member of our team online or in-store to find out more about money exchange for your destination.

Don’t waste your time in a queue, if you need to exchange money in Perth from the convenience of your own home, we can help you. There are enough things to do before an overseas trip without having to worry about exchanging money.

Find out more about our range of services and get travel tips for your destination online. For the best money exchange service in Perth contact us online or in-store on (08) 9375 3079.

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